Veli Secures Investment from DSl Angel Investor Network

We are thrilled to announce that Veli has secured an investment from the Digital Serbia Initiative (DSI) network of angel investors. This milestone marks a significant step forward in our journey, propelling us towards our mission of revolutionizing the way financial advisors manage cryptocurrency portfolios for their clients.

The Journey to Investment

Our relationship with DSI dates back to November 2022, when we first presented Veli to their network of angel investors. Although we didn’t secure investment at that time, we received feedback that was invaluable and that we used to refine our product, enhance our features, and align with market needs.

This dedication paid off when we reopened our funding round, impressing the investors with our progress and achievements over the past year, including the launch of our FA platform, our DAP Capital acquisition, our partnership with the leading providers of financial advisory in Slovenia, our continued improvement of Veli Crypto Strategies, and much more.

The Significance of DSI's Investment

The investment from DSI’s angel network is a testament to the potential and credibility of Veli. As Stevan Radonjanin, co-founder and CEO of Veli, commented in a recent interview (in Serbian) with Netokracija:

The investment we received from the DSI network of angel investors is extremely beneficial for us for several reasons. On one hand, the money helps us to scale and grow faster, expanding our sales and development teams. On the other hand, it serves as a form of validation that what we are doing makes sense. When successful business people invest in your business, it is a positive signal also to all future investors.

Stevan Radonjanin

 Co-founder and CEO


The funds will be instrumental in accelerating our growth, as we plan to expand our sales and development teams, enhancing our capabilities to serve the European market effectively.

DSI's Portfolio and Vision

DSI’s investment in Veli is part of a broader commitment to pushing technological innovation in Serbia. Over the past two years, DSI’s network of angel investors has invested one million euros in ten local startups, supporting them not only with funds but also with business acumen, experience, and valuable connections. This approach has helped these startups secure an additional nine million euros in subsequent investments.

Neda Trifunović, manager at DSI, highlighted their mission in a recent interview (in Serbian):

Our main value proposition remains to contribute to startups through the “smart money” they can receive from angel investors. In the early stages of a startup’s development and in working with founders, it is important to build their confidence for making big steps in the future. These are the experiences and knowledge we want them to gain from the angels so that they can make significant changes on a global level.

Neda Trifunović



The Road Ahead for Veli

Looking forward, this investment helps push us to our goal of becoming the leading crypto platform for financial advisors in Europe. We are also exploring opportunities in tokenizing various real-world assets, such as art and real estate, offering financial advisors new investment avenues.

Our vision extends to partnering with other brokerage platforms, providing them with our advanced investment strategies for cryptocurrencies thanks to our Strategies via API initiative. With the recent grant of 120,000 euros from the Innovation Fund for this project, we are ready to develop the API and sell it to the leading crypto brokerage platforms around the globe..

Furthermore, our non-product focus for the rest of the year will be the acquisition of necessary licenses to ensure compliance with the upcoming Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation. We prioritize achieving full regulatory compliance in advance, in order to be able to serve both crypto clients and provide tokenization services going forward.

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