Digital asset platform for financial advisors

EU licensed platform where you can easily manage all your clients’ crypto portfolios…

What solutions does Veli's FA portal offer?

Saves time

No need to construct portfolios for every client just invest in existing strategies which will balance automatically.

Access to tokenized assets

Invest in deals not traded on stock exchanges, which were previously illiquid, such as private equity, real estate, art…

Teaches and mentors you

Educational resources and mentorship to help you get started and keep you informed.

Get started with your clients’ crypto portfolios in no time!

Insights from financial advisor about the Veli FA Portal

Veli Financial Advisor Portal has significantly improved how I manage my clients’ crypto assets. The platform’s intuitive interface and comprehensive tools have made it easier to onboard my clients and invest their funds into diversified crypto investment strategies.

Andy P.

Certified Financial Planner

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