Digital Asset Platform for Financial Advisors

EU licensed platform where you can easily manage all your clients’ crypto portfolios…

Why the Veli Financial Advisor Portal?

All in one place

Instead of having to log in and log out of various platforms for each client, via Veli you can easily onboard and see all your client in one place

Investing in broader market

No need to waste time on coin picking and constructing portfolios for every client. Easily invest in the broader crypto market with one click with Veli’s strategies.

Revenue share

Veli advisor portal is not only free, but we also share part of the revenue with the financial advisors. Get in touch with our team to find out how much in commissions you can make.

Start adding crypto to your clients’ portfolios in no time!

What Financial Advisors say about the Veli FA Portal

After years of running our own platform for crypto and tokenized assets, we realized that maintaining it diverted focus from our core business, which is wealth management. Furthermore, MiCA regulation made that more complex and expensive. When we made a switch to Veli Financial Advisor Portal, both our clients and our advisors instantly felt the benefits. We suddenly had zero costs of running a platform, no need to invest in further development, and transactions are automatically integrated into our system, which means better and quicker views of clients’ portfolios. 

Nataša Kozlevčar

Partner / Personal Financial Advisor

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