How Veli Transformed Vezovišek & Partnerji Into a Digital Asset Powerhouse

Cryptocurrencies, Strategies and Tokenized Assets are all revolutionary digital assets that most investors are looking to add into their investment portfolios nowadays. Financial advisors and advisory houses are feeling the pressure the most, as they are getting an increased amount of inquiries from their clients for these types of assets.

However, there were no digital asset platforms specifically designed for financial advisors. We at Veli decided to solve this problem, and have created a digital asset platform that supports cryptocurrencies, crypto strategies and tokenized assets, catered specifically to the needs of financial advisors and wealth managers.

In this case study, get to know Vezovišek & Partnerji, and how we helped them increase their efficiency, save time and boost their security.

About Vezovišek & Partnerji

Vezovišek & Partnerji are the leading providers of financial advisory in Slovenia and specialists in financial planning & long term wealth growth.

With a plethora of financial advisors in their team, some of them with over 20+ years of experience in the industry, they’ve been assisting their clients in appropriately protecting, enhancing, and maintaining control over their assets by providing them with services such as financial planning, wealth management and real estate financing.

Their typical clients are medium to high net-worth individuals that want to invest but do not have the time or knowledge in the field of financial planning and wealth management.

V&P’s Venture Into Digital Assets

In 2016, the firm noticed the emerging trend of cryptocurrencies and embarked on their crypto journey that started as a spinoff startup they co-founded with their partners. By 2019 they made a pivot from the original idea and, with the help of their partners, built a crypto tokenization platform. They started offering a crypto top 10 strategy along with first tokenized products to the firm’s clients to give them exposure to the top assets in the cryptocurrency market.

After a couple of  years of running this platform with their partners, they realized that maintaining such a platform diverted their focus from their core business – and that once MiCA regulation would come into law, it would make the crypto platform they helped to build more complex and expensive to run. Furthermore, they couldn’t fully focus on the development and optimization of this tokenization platform, as digital assets are not their primary focus, so they started looking for the right partner that would take over the platform and expand their offerings.

This is when they decided to partner up with Veli. Vezovišek & Partnerji started using the Veli Financial Advisor Portal in the beginning of 2024, and as soon as they made the switch, both their clients and advisors instantly felt the benefits.

We suddenly had zero work of running a platform and no need to invest in further development. With new features in the pipeline, like automation and integration into our advisor portfolio management system, we will approach the standards of traditional platforms for comprehensive views and management of clients’ portfolios.

Nataša Kozlevčar

Partner / Personal Financial Advisor

How Veli Helped

By switching to the Veli Financial Advisor Portal, clients immediately got access to new digital asset types such as a plethora of new Crypto Strategies. Instead of having just a single top 10 strategy, clients could now invest in 13 different crypto strategies that have different risk/return ratios, include hundreds of different coins, and all have their unique weighing methods that rebalance every month. To learn more about Veli Strategies, read this blog post.

Besides Cryptocurrencies and Crypto strategies, clients of Vezovišek & Partnerji can also invest in tokenized assets, which are blockchain-based tokens that represent the ownership over particular physical and digital assets. Tokenization is the next trillion dollar industry, and we believe everything illiquid that has monetary value, such as the assets we mentioned, can and will be tokenized in the future. To learn more about tokenization and our approach to it, read this blog post.

Switching to the Veli Financial Advisor Portal for their cryptocurrency handling not only improved the way Vezovišek & Partnerji work, but it also helped with fixing issues that they had in the past.

First off, as the tokenization platform that Vezovišek & Partnerji and their partners built wasn’t their primary business focus, it wasn’t as optimized as it could have been. The Veli Financial Advisor Portal brought Vezovišek & Partnerji unparalleled efficiency through lightning-fast transaction execution, as their financial advisors can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies and investment strategies at any moment.

Furthermore, Veli brought even more security to Vezovišek & Partnerji and their clients, as all the assets on the Veli Financial Advisor Portal are stored on secure cold wallets with Fireblocks, one of the largest insured crypto custodians.

The main concern in the industry is the money flow and storing it somewhere safe. Your structure answers both positively.

Nataša Kozlevčar

Partner / Personal Financial Advisor

Vezovišek & Partnerji noted our Advisory View, API and Veli Crypto Strategies as the most beneficial features that the firm encountered when using our platform.

Present Day & Looking Forward

Today, Vezovišek & Partnerji are delighted  to be able to provide cryptocurrencies, crypto strategies and real-world tokenized assets to their clients thanks to Veli’s Financial Advisor Portal.

The next potential features Vezovišek & Partnerji are most-eagerly looking into using are additional tokenized assets that bring more value to their clients (such as art and private equity), automatic monthly saving and the option for advisors and clients to stake and lend their cryptocurrency holdings.

Are you ready to bring your financial advisory firm to the next level by integrating cryptocurrencies, crypto strategies and tokenized assets and leveraging the Veli Financial Advisor Platform?

Send us an email and let’s get to know each other!

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