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Game-changing Strategies

Figuring out which cryptocurrency to buy, what is a good entry price, when is the right moment to sell, is not that easy at all. No need to worry, with Veli strategies, you can take advantage of long-term trends and invest like the smartest investors, automatically. All strategies have been developed and backtested for performance by a team of PhDs in quantitative finance.

Let Professionals Manage Your Crypto

Experience peace of mind with dedicated financial advisors who specialize in managing cryptocurrency investments. Tailored strategies and professional insights ensure your crypto portfolio is in good hands, optimizing your returns while minimizing risks. Trust experts to navigate the complexities of the crypto market for you.

Downside Protection

Protecting your investment from price drops has never been easier. Check how much the price dropped in the past and use a simple slider to set downside protection. Automatically, 24/7, without the need for you to be online.

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Security and Regulation

We are a regulated crypto investment platform in Europe, we keep customer funds separated from company funds and we work with the most reputable industry vendors for custody, liquidity, compliance and payment processing.

Segregated wallets

Data Encryption

MPC technology with custody partners

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Biometric-Based Identity Verification

GDPR Compliant

Crypto is the Best Performing Asset Class of the Decade

100 EUR invested back in 2010 in a real estate fund would be worth 243 EUR today, in largest US stocks 370 EUR and in Bitcoin 15.6 million EUR. But investing in crypto on your own can feel overwhelming, can be risky and time-consuming. Veli makes it easy to invest like the smartest crypto investors.

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