Veli and DAP Capital Join Forces to Expand Investment Opportunities in Tokenized Assets

The world of investing is about to become a whole lot better, as the crypto investment platform, Veli, announces its strategic partnership with DAP Capital, a platform specializing in tokenization of real world assets.

Veli’s Evolution:

Veli’s mission is to make crypto wealth management accessible to everyone. Until now, the platform was solely focused on offering investing in cryptocurrencies and crypto investment strategies. 

The New Partnership:

Veli is entering into a new era of investing via strategic partnership with DAP Capital.

This collaboration will unlock new investment possibilities for Veli users, extending beyond cryptocurrencies and into various tokenized real-world assets.

With this partnership, users will gain access to a wider range of assets, including tokenized real estate, art, and other asset classes.

Veli’s CEO, Stevan Radonjanin, highlighted the benefits for the users: “This partnership will enable Veli users to build truly diversified portfolios and invest in assets which can serve as a hedge during crypto market downturns.

Furthermore, Veli will be able to offer tokenization services to other companies which are looking at tokenizing their shares. For instance, a transportation company can tokenize their fleet of trucks and enable investors to invest amounts as small as €100, and reap the benefits. 

This will enable businesses to tap into a new pool of investors, and make previously illiquid assets liquid.”

DAP Capital team expressed their confidence in the partnership, stating that “Veli is the right partner for DAP Capital, as they developed a sophisticated system, which would allow our users to buy and sell crypto strategies at any moment.”

The Future of Tokenized Assets:

The partnership between Veli and DAP Capital signifies a broader shift in the investment landscape, with tokenized assets becoming more mainstream. 

We are still early, and Veli is well positioned to become a significant player in the tokenized world, as more people recognize the potential of tokenization.

Tokenization could pave the way for even greater innovation and diversification in the world of investment. It democratizes access to a wide range of asset classes, allowing investors to participate in markets that were previously difficult to enter. 

By tokenizing assets such as real estate and art, investors can now gain fractional exposure to these markets with smaller investment amounts and without the hassle of dealing with traditional investment channels.

About DAP Capital

DAP is a B2B digital platform for wealth managers, family offices, real estate managers, and anyone believing in more global and liquid digital markets. It offers personalized financial, legal and technical solutions for issuance and management of tokenized assets.

About Veli

Veli is a crypto investment platform on a mission to make crypto wealth management accessible to everyone. With investment strategies tailored to an individual’s preferences and risk level, Veli users are able to smartly invest in crypto, as if they had a personal financial advisor.

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